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The UK Cycle Show - What scared & excited us most?

Posted on 26 September 2016

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Tradeshows are sensory overload. Tantalising and demanding, they leave you smiling and drained.

We went to the UK Cycle Show in Birmingham which is the UK’s largest bike show. So what were our own highlights?


The Velovixen Hub

Velovixen pulled out all the stops.  As the UK’s leading specialist in women’s cycling and they made their own women’s cycling hub within the Cycle Show. There were talks ranging from Emily Chappell’s journey in the Transcontinental Race (yes, that’s 4,200km across Europe unassisted) to Cheryl Reid speaking about her experience of joining a cycling club (to then becoming President!).

I also got to meet the Vixen Team – what a warm welcome! They took me under their wing and stepped on their Birmingham-adventure-bus!



Meeting other business owners

“No woman is an island” – ever wondered what this saying means? In essence, you can’t thrive by yourself. I got satisfaction, inspiration, support and ideas from meeting the owners of other cycling clothing businesses:  Findra, Anna’s Legs, Beaumount Bicycles and Queen of the Mountains. We’re all carving out our own niche and sailing the seas of starting your own business. So it was therapy!

 No woman is an island

Meeting the customers

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a validation junkie! I love people to approve of what I’m doing. So it was really satisfying meeting customers, getting their feedback and seeing them buy my collection. Especially nice was meeting Colette from Skibberean who is an ex-rower and soon to be cyclist. Cycling can be intimidating sometimes so we all need encouragement.

The Roadster Jacket was the most in-demand product.

 Yellow Roadster women's waterproof cycling jacket


Speaking about my business

Do you ever have those dreams where you lose your voice?! Well, I do! My fear of public speaking was paralyzing at one stage in my life. I’ve learned that 95% of women are petrified too but the only way to get around it is throwing yourself into it, again and again and again.

Velo City Girl made me feel at home, then once I got some momentum, you couldn’t stop me waxing lyrical.


Bright, Shiny and New

Some interesting products jumped out of me from the circus that is a trade show. This one in particular M-24 who make bags out of recycled truck tarpaulin. My favourite one was made out of an Asda truck!


M-24 bags

As Quiet As

Life has been full-on. Between launching and growing a business to launching and growing a baby. So I very much enjoyed having an uninterrupted cup of tea at the airport… exhale.



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