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Amazing Cycling Women to Inspire You

Posted on 03 March 2017


We love stand-out women. And it’s time to celebrate them.

These ladies are our top cyclists (and they just happen to be bloggers too), bringing their own angle and personality to cycling. 

Cycling can have an intimidating brand but these ladies crack that open and share their achievements, knowledge and stories and we love it. They answered some questions for us. There are some similar themes…


Bikes n Stuff  - Juliet Elliott

Strong, fit and on 2 wheels.  Juliet competes in every variety of cycling race from mountain bike to fixed gear. She’s also a former model and featured on cover of three Vogue Italia. Girl crush? Confirmed. Self-proclaimed as being “well-known and outspoken advocate for women in sport”. Yes, we love you Juliet.

"If I'm not on my bike I'm most likely to be stroking one of my four cats. Either that, or eating." 

"If I could come back in my next life, I would come back as a billionaire. Why not, eh?" 

 Juliet Elliott Bikes n Stuff Cycling Blogger


Velocity Girl  - Jools Walker

From velodromes to canal bank meanders, this lady brings us cycling in its many forms. Do you want colour, style and a dash of effortless East London cool? Then click here to see Velocity Girl’s Instagram feed. 

“If I'm not on my bike I'm most likely to be found in the Tate Modern or working away on a blog project!” 

“If I could come back in my next life, I would come back as a pampered cat. Judging by the lives my two lead, it's not a bad gig at all...”

 Jools Walker Velocity Girl Cycling Blog


Queen of the Mile  Lorna North

“It’s about the struggle, not the triumph” – Founder of the Olympic Committee

If you’ve ever trained hard for something, there are highs and oh boy, are there lows. This lady shares both sides of the story with a dry humour that makes you think: sound, this girl is sound. Recently she attempted to run 7 marathons in 7 days. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 

“If I'm not on my bike I'm most likely writing or drinking beer. “

“If I could come back in my next life, I would come back as a cat. They have the best life and can get away with murder.” 

Queen of the Mile - Lorna North



Velodonista - JB

Our passions are aligned with this lady: cycling, style and cities. JB is a fellow commuter and brings a source of inspiration for outfits and travel for Londoners and bicycle enthusiasts. Think the opposite of a commuter-strava-warrior! Check out her elegant Instagram feed here.


"If I'm not on my bike I'm most likely..... designing something  or  taking photographs of bikes"

"If I could come back in my next life, I would come back as.... a Triathlon Olympian"


Emily Chappell 

 “A cycle courier takes on the world”: Emily’s opening line on her blog. And that she certainly does.

In between her adventures, she work as a cycle courier in London. But let’s take a glimpse at these escapades: cycling from Wales to Japan, across Iceland, finishing the Transcontinental Race (Belgium to Turkey). This race is special in that:

  • It’s unsupported (repair your own punctures)
  • The clock never stops (no cosy B&B stops)
  • Participants are free to choose their own route (navigational skills essential).

Holy cow.

Emily Chappell


Vamper -  Victoria Bowskill

Need cycling tips? Need reviews of the sleekest kit on the market? Think of Vamper as that skilled friend that you go to for technical advice (without the know-it-all voice, phew!).

Victoria lets us in on her own ambitions and the mental and physical journey to get there.


"If I'm not on my bike, I'm most likely cooking hearty pies and casseroles or choosing furnishings for our house."

"In my next life, I would come back as me again but I would take up cycling at the age of 8 instead of horse riding. I still love horse riding but my natural aptitude is for cycling and I wish I had discovered the road bike much earlier! Who knows... I might have made it to Pro!"


Vamper Victoria Bowskill


Now get pumping those tyres!

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